Beauty Hacks we all need in our lives!



Have you ever just complained to your friend how your make up looks bland or that your skin in general needs a saviour? Fear not as from the beauty gods I give you 5 beauty hacks that can make your lives easier!


  1. To give your eyelashes some spiky attitude, apply waterproof mascara, then use a little pinch of clear lipgloss on top of your lashes. This will give you that bold eye look and making your eyes pop!


  1. Are your eyes always feeling a bit puffy and tired looking in the morning? Then just simply lay a teabag on top of the cumber and leave in the fridge to soak overnight, after your lovely beauty sleep you can just apply for 10 minutes in the morning for that soothing and de-puffing effect.


  1. Picture this, you’re getting ready for a night out/ date and your go to lipgloss has ran out! Just pop your lipgloss in a glass of warm water and the gloss will melt of the sides, saving your luscious lips.


  1. Some of us have been there using the wrong foundation shade, now people are also applying it wrong. First apply your foundation then concealer on top, as using your use concealer first you just end up removing it, so make better use of it with this hack.


  1. Finally, is your hair in a need of a hero and a re-fresh! Just spritz in some volume spray and go to town and style by scrunching small parts of your hair whilst blow-drying, this would help by adding texture and volume.

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