Top of the mornin’ to you

Dublin is a fantastic little city for a good night out! I had spent the most enjoyable 3 nights and 4 days in the thriving capital of Ireland, having found cheap flights for only £20 return and £10/night at Jacobs Inn hostel, located 10 minutes (walking) away from the Ha’penny bridge, the most recognisable landmark in Dublin!


To our surprise, Jacobs Inn offered an exciting city tour along with a free bar crawl at night to some of the best bars in the city. It was a great opportunity to explore the city an night as well as during the day, having made our way to the check point to the our very Irish tour guide, we embarked on an adventure. Starting off at the botanical gardens, it was lovely to breathe in some fresh, Irish air. The next stop was the Christ Church Cathedral with enchanting architecture.


Moving onto the Trinity Library where they had filmed a library scene in Harry Potter! This was quite impressive as the architectural detail and the open-space is breath-taking.


After a short nap, having woken up at 5am to catch the flight we needed it, we got ready for the bar crawl and set off to the first bar which had pretty much made the night, the bar crawl came along with complimentary drinks or shots in each bar accompanied by lively Irish music, the culture was really being absorbed. There was also the thrill of ordering a drink only legal in Ireland due to it’s alcohol mixture. If one is wanting more of an active stay then I would consider a visit to the nearby town of Howth, where you can hike around the cliffs of Ireland!


Having loved every minute of the holiday, the day adventures and the night ones, the vast interior decor of each place visited, even the bars from one having loads of different currencies on the wall, one with antique, victorian decor and more, the Irish people with their soothing accent and amusing music, the bars, the clubs, the silent discos, the parks, the bridges and the list goes on. Dublin is definitely a place that i shall be visiting again, in the near future hopefully!


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