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Tips for being a happier person


Happiness is most people’s main objective during their entire lifetime. But if you give it a thought, it all comes from within yourself and the little everyday things. Here are the top 5 tips that will make you happier everyday:

1. Naps

Yes, you got it right! Naps can help you rest, even if they are just 15 minutes long. Neuroscientists say that 15 minutes is actually the ideal time that your body needs to feel fresh again. It will help you get in a better mood and be happier.

2. Headspace

There is a reason why mindfulness is the newest trend among celebrities and online influencers. A class of yoga, a colouring, or reading a personal development book can help you reduce the stress and keep the positivity in your life.

3. Healthy food

Not only that it will help you lose weight and look better, healthy food will improve your mental health as well. Blackberries, oats, nuts and salad are known for their anti-depressive benefits. So, hit the grocery store ASAP!

4. Posture

A correct posture should be an important aspect of our everyday life and even if you do not think so, it has a lot to do with our wellbeing. Try to stretch for at least 10 minutes a day or take a gym class that will help you with your posture. It won’t be only your back that will thank you, but your mind as well.

5. Kindness

Being nice to other people apparently gives our brains a burst of dopamine, a happy chemical that will increase your mood. Therefore, try to do something for the people around you, sometimes complimenting someone or giving a small present can change your mood for the entire day.


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