La Moda

Having spent Christmas in the South of Spain, near Alicante, and previously visited Madrid and Barcelona, and now around the Valencia region of Spain. Whilst on holiday, attention was given to the different aspects of the fashion industry and how it has grown, with both Barcelona and Madrid making themselves known as part of the world’s leading fashion cities, alongside Paris, New York, Rome, Milan, London, LA, Tokyo and Berlin.

“No other country has come this far in the fashion industry in the past 20 years” – Marca Espana Website, 2016.

Spain was a late developer, having noticed that fashion is critical to the development and strengthening of the country’s national brand image abroad, they quickly caught up with the two Spanish market leaders namely Zara and Pronovias. (Refer to previous blog post for more information on ZARA). With Inditex being a multinational fashion company and owning many different brands, such as Zara, Mango, Desigual, Camper, Pronovias and more, no wonder the Spanish fashion industry is vastly growing. A lot of the listed brands have originated in Spain and later broadened, with 20-25% of brands in international shopping malls being Spanish.


Spanish fashion brands have become credible and respected in the industry, consumers have less concern for a ‘Made in Spain’ label and what has led from this, what makes them unique? Internal competencies along with market selection and internationalisation. Taking into consideration the needs of the market, where the unique product that is being introduced will match the necessities/interests of the consumers. Where the image and the consumers perception of the brand relate in a positive connection, and where the product relates to a particular segment in the market, without forgetting the culture of a nation. With this being successful, product development has allowed for brand development, meaning fashion brands launch home-ware, making the functionality multi-channel.


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