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Valentine’s Day Underwear Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and hopefully you have thought about some lingerie already. If not, here are some ideas about how to surprise your partner on the 14th. Don’t worry, there are choices for each body shape!

1. Hourglass

If you lucky enough to own the ideal body shape, congrats!-any type of underwear and of clothing will generally look good on you. Try to choose pieces that flatter your curves and your boyfriend will be forever grateful.



2. Apple

If you generally try to avoid exposing your tummy and tend to gain weight in that area, a high-waited piece of underwear is what you should be looking for. It covers your tummy and flatters your legs.




3. Pear

If you have a pear shape,  going for a body might be the best option for you. They are sexy and elegant and will cover the hips area that does not flatter you. Be it lace, velvet or silk, it is a must have in your wardrobe this month.





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