Skin Care During Winter


Winter is a hard season due to the low temperatures that the body needs to endure and skin usually gets affected first. Even if skin care should be a daily habit all year, during winter you need to pay extra attention to it, especially if you have sensitive or really dry skin. Here are 5 tips about how to keep you skin healthy and beautiful during the cold season:

1. Hydrate yourself

Even if during the winter you won’t feel the need to drink lots of liquids, your body needs them as much as in the summer or even more. If you cannot reach 2 l of water daily, try to include some hot drinks in your diet, such as green tea that can keep you warm and healthy and can also help your skin.

2. Protect your hands

Your hands are almost as exposed to the cold as your face, but still people do not pay much attention to their hand care. Always try to protect your hands by wearing gloves when possible and hydrate them after every wash. Keep a travel size hand cream with you at all times and avoid really hot water.

3. Take extra care of your face

Your face is the only part of your body that is 100% exposed during the cold season. In order to keep the health and glow of your skin you need to find a really good moisturiser, that matches your skin type. Also, try to avoid products that contain alcohol, as they will only make your skin drier. Face masks are also a real help in the winter and should we included in your skin care routine at least once a week.

4. Use body oils

The best way to take care of your skin during winter is to use natural products, that moisturise a lot better. Argan oil or shea butter are just a few examples of cheap and healthy products that should not miss from your beauty bag this winter.

5. Exfoliate your skin

For a healthy, glowing and soft skin it is necessary to use a very good exfoliator at least once a week both on your face and on your body. In this way you will get rid of all the dead cells and prepare your skin for a moisturiser.



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